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Keys to Revival- 5 Sermon Bundle

Learn the keys to releasing powerful revival both personally and corporately. Included in the bundle you will receive 5 full-length sermons with lifetime access to the recordings so you can listen to them any time you like.

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#1- Humble, Hungry & Broken

Bethel Austin · Humble, Hungry and Broken – Joaquin Evans

#2- Resurrected Life

Bethel Austin · Your New Life = Your New Story – Joaquin Evans

#3- Living As Believing Believers

Bethel Austin · Living as a Believing Believer – Joaquin Evans

#4- God’s Word and Revival

Bethel Austin · God’s Word & Revival – Joaquin Evans

#5- Demystifying The Anointing

Bethel Austin · Demystifying The Anointing – Joaquin Evans


Joaquin lives with his wife, Renee, and their 3 kids in Austin, TX, where they pastor Bethel Austin. Before planting Bethel Austin Joaquin was on staff at Bethel in Redding, CA for 12 years. Joaquin loves to travel, the nations, seeing Jesus glorified, but he most enjoys being home with his family and the Bethel Austin community seeing Jesus glorified.